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Special application for backup generation is not required, however there are specific requirements that need to be met, prior to initiation, to ensure the safety of our line workers and protection of the electric grid. Please notify WEC at or call your local office to notify us of any standby generation installation. These locations are entered into our mapping system which our line personnel utilize when working on power lines.

You can find WEC’s complete rules and regulations here.

Please contact WEC if you have any questions or concerns regarding your standby generation installation at or call your local office.

If you are interested in working with WEC to purchase and/or finance a standby generation system, you can find more information at or email


  1. Members may be permitted to utilize emergency standby generating equipment, except in parallel, when service is interrupted due to severe storms or prolonged outages. A double throw switch, of an approved size and type must be installed and maintained at the expense of the Member to separate the facilities of the Member from those of the Cooperative when such equipment is in use.

  2. If the Member is found to be using emergency standby generating equipment in violation of the Section 11 A (1), service may be disconnected as set out in Section 5 A (1).


You can find WEC’s complete rules and regulations here.