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One of our top priorities at Wheatland Electric is to find new ways to better serve our consumer-members.

Wheatland Electric has re-designed our bills to give our members more information about their electrical usage and accounts. The bill will provide a detailed explanation of charges along with a message center that will contain important messages from WEC.

This new design goes into effect in August 2022, and we hope it empowers our consumer-members with more information to monitor usage and explore cost-saving opportunities.

Check out all the features of our new bill below!

New Bill Design 1 Front

ACCOUNT INFORMATION: Your account number, name, service description, bill date and billing period.

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: Summarizes total amount or budget amount due. AutoPay will be indicated if the member is enrolled.

BILLING SUMMARY: Information about past payments, current and total charges. Includes any activity since your last statement.

ENERGY USAGE Displays the amount of energy used during the current billing period compared to the same billing period last year. 

PAYMENT STUB: If mailing your payment, detach this section and mail it with your check. The payment stub can also be used to pay at automated kiosks.

New Bill Design 2

METER INFORMATION: This area displays the meter number, rate, service address, reading dates, number of days, readings and usage for the current billing period.

kW DEMAND: Demand is the rate at which a member uses electric energy. Wheatland Electric does not currently charge for kW demand on residential accounts, but this line item will be added to future residential bills.

SERVICE AVAILABILITY CHARGE: A fixed monthly charge designed to recover the costs of providing equipment, materials, labor and business overhead necessary to serve each meter, regardless of the amount of electricity (kWh) consumed. These fixed costs are the same for a member using 10 kWh or 5,000 kWh.

ENERGY CHARGE: The total energy used over that billing period measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) multiplied by the per kWh rate.

PROPERTY TAX SURCHARGE: Passed through to members and includes charges in the property taxes paid by WEC. It too is being restated so that the factor will become smaller, and this difference is moved into rates. And as is the case with the PCA, there is no difference to the total bill paid by the member because of this change.

POWER COST ADJUSTMENT (PCA): A rate mechanism electric utilities use to recover fluctuating purchased power costs. The PCA fluctuates monthly and serves as a pass-through charge (or credit) related to the cost of producing electricity. 

USAGE/TEMPERATURE GRAPH: Displays monthly energy use for the billing period compared to average monthly temperatures. The greater the difference between the outside temperature and inside thermostat setting, the greater amount of energy used by the HVAC system –– even if you do not adjust the thermostat. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: The section shows ways to contact the co-op and the various payment methods offered.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Help us keep your contact information current. Detach this section and mail it with your check.

SMARTHUB: Take control of your electric account! Check your usage daily. Pay your bill anywhere and at any time. Compare your usage month-to-month or year-to-year. View graphs showing how the weather affects usage.

As always, if you have questions about your bill or any of the features above, contact your local Wheatland Electric office or drop us a line at