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Wheatland Broadband to Upgrade Infrastructure

Planned Improvements Will Bring Faster Service 

Wheatland Broadband has started the process of upgrading its network infrastructure to bring faster service to our more than 3,000 residential and business members.  The improved equipment is expected to yield data speeds comparable to 4G cell service.  “We live in a different world now than when we started,” said Jevin Kasselman, Director of IT/Broadband at Wheatland.  “Internet is the new utility, people have to have it. And they want more of it.”

Kasselman said the infrastructure upgrades are a multi-year process expected to take about three years to complete.  Among the changes is a move to new equipment that will allow Wheatland Broadband to have what’s called a “fixed LTE network” similar to that of cell carriers.  That will eventually allow Wheatland to provide the new FCC standard for broadband access speeds of 25 MB download and 3 MB upload. 

Wheatland Electric first formed its subsidiary, Wheatland Broadband, in 2002 to deliver reliable, high-speed internet service to our members in rural Western Kansas that had been seemingly left behind by larger telecommunications companies.