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Wheatland Helps Members "Kill-A-Watt"

Looking for ways to save energy and money? Tracking your electricity usage is the first step in reducing both areas.

Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc is introducing a new device called “Kill-A-Watt EZ™ Monitoring Meter” to help members identify which of their appliances are using the most electricity -- and where they can save money by cutting usage. Members can begin checking out the devices at all local libraries in the cooperative’s service area. Due to expected high demand, the devices are limited to a two-week checkout.

 “Becoming aware of how your home uses energy is key to reducing usage and costs,” said Wheatland General Manager, Bruce Mueller. “We’re excited to offer our members this free resource to help them make better informed decisions on how to save energy and control costs.”

The Kill-A-Watt device simply plugs into a wall outlet and then you plug your appliance or electronic device into the monitor.  Kill-A-Watt then monitors how much electricity the appliance is using and displays the result on a small screen, showing you both the usage and the cost associated with that usage. There a total of sixteen devices, two at each library in the cooperative’s service territory, available for loan and they may be checked out from the libraries listed; Scott County Library, Finney County Library, Hamilton County Library, Greeley County Library, Wichita County Library, Great Bend Public Library, The Harper Public Library, Caldwell Public Library. The device comes with instructions and information about using the Kill-A-Watt EZ™.

Kill-A-Watt EZ™ meters can be purchased for approximately $35 from home improvement stores or at online energy efficiency store.  Members may want to first try it out with the available lending program at the local libraries.  “We hope this inspires our members to take more energy efficiency steps and helps them save energy and money,” said Mueller.


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