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Wheatland Electric Cooperative members approve self-regulation

SCOTT CITY, KAN. (May 30, 2014) – The membership of Wheatland Electric Cooperative voted overwhelmingly last week in favor of self-regulation. Of the ballots returned by the members, 78% were in favor of self-regulation.  The vote gives Wheatland’s member-elected Board of Trustees the decision-making authority to establish the electric rates for Wheatland’s members, a responsibility previously held by the Kansas Corporation Commission.

“Our members responded with a yes vote because they understood the benefits of self-regulation and prefer the democratic process of the member-elected Board of Trustees rather than governmental oversight.” said Bruce W. Mueller, Wheatland General Manager.

Since 1992, the State of Kansas has allowed electric cooperatives the option to self-regulate. Additional legislation was passed in 2009 allowing cooperatives with more than 15,000 members to vote for self-regulation, at which time Wheatland was eligible to self-regulate.

“As a cooperative, our goal is to provide our members with reliable power at a competitive price,” said Wes Campbell, Board Chair. “Eliminating unnecessary regulatory expenses will help us better serve our members and position Wheatland for future opportunities.”

“With a response rate of nearly 25% of the membership, I am pleased with the members’ participation in the voting process,” said Mueller. “When members are engaged and involved in the cooperative it helps Wheatland understand the needs of its members. This great response rate confirms that our efforts are heading in the right direction.”

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