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Wheatland Board to Discuss Removal of Fee

Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Wheatland) periodically reviews its Rules and Regulations in effort to stay current on industry standards. The Rules and Regulations set forth the guidelines of membership for the cooperative. One of the items in the current Rules and Regulations is a Convenience Fee. At present, the $3.95 Convenience Fee is charged to members who pay their electric bills with credit cards. The purpose of the fee was to ensure that Wheatland recovered the cost of the fees that credit card issuers charge Wheatland to process credit card payments.

“Based on some feedback from the membership, Wheatland learned that many members prefer to use credit cards for payment because of its ease of use and convenience.  However, they were discouraged from using this form of payment due to the cost associated with the Convenience Fee,” said Bruce W. Mueller, Wheatland General Manager.

As a result of this feedback, Wheatland would like to eliminate the Convenience Fee so that all members can use credit cards for payment without the nuisance and expense of paying a Convenience Fee. Now that Wheatland is self-regulated, the Board of Trustees (Board) can make this type of rate change without having to go to the Kansas Corporation Commission for approval.  This will save Wheatland and its member’s time and money. “Now that Wheatland is self-regulated, it’s a pleasure that our first rate changing act as a Board is to eliminate a burdensome fee,” said Wes Campbell, Board Chair.

The Board will be discussing the elimination of the Convenience Fee at its regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting at 9:00 am CST on July 29, 2014 at 101 Main St., Scott City, KS 67871. The elimination of the Convenience Fee is the only rate change proposed. Any member who would like to attend this meeting while the termination of the Convenience Fee is being discussed is welcome to attend.

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