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Wheatland Awards $12,000 In Scholarships

Twelve area high school students now have more money to put towards college.  Wheatland Electric announced the winners at its annual meeting April 20, 2016.  Each student will receive a $1,000 grant from Wheatland.  The recipients are:

  • Madison Braun-Scott Community High School
  • Shyla Mason-Wichita County High School
  • Cassidy Hild-Greeley County High School
  • Mallory Horton-Syracuse High School
  • Margaret Roth-Holcomb High School
  • Shelby Deist-Great Bend High School
  • Paige Turek-South Haven High School
  • Derian Garrison-Norwich High School
  • Sarah Doffing-Conway Springs High School
  • Karlee Schmidt-Caldwell High School
  • Kolten Koerner-Argonia High School
  • Jaci Ummel-Chaparral High School

Why award scholarships?  The answer can be found in two of the core founding principles of cooperatives:  Education, Training and Information, and Concern for Community.  “Wheatland feels that by supporting education, we are strengthening our local communities,” said Bruce Mueller, Wheatland General Manager. 

Wheatland created a scholarship program to encourage and assist in the educational pursuits of the children of Wheatland Electric members.  Approximately 37 students applied for the scholarships in all.  The $1,000 awards are going to students who are planning to attend an accredited 2 or 4-year college, technical or vocational school.  Now that the winners have been announced, Wheatland will write checks directly to their schools of choice.

Recipients were selected based on their applicant profiles, including academic performance, extracurricular activities and academic and career goals.  Applicants were also evaluated on an essay in which they were asked to write “on any subject about which you are passionate.”

So what did student applicants ultimately write about?  Here’s a small sampling of their impressive topics:

  • Raising $3,200 to build a house in Haiti
  • Attending Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and being inspired to make a difference and become a catalyst for positive change
  • Becoming a teacher and making a difference in children’s lives
  • Pursuing a career as a general practitioner and returning to a rural community to practice

Wheatland’s commitment to postsecondary education is something that doesn’t go unappreciated.  “Knowing that Wheatland Electric is willing to invest in my education makes me want to work even harder to become a success in my future,” said Madison Braun, Scott Community High School scholarship recipient.  For most students, the scholarship means not only a financial boost, but also recognition of their hard work.  “Congratulations are in order for these students, Wheatland wishes them continued success in their educational endeavors,” said Wes Campbell, Board President.

As a cooperative, Wheatland strives to bring added value to the communities we serve.  The money awarded through the scholarship program doesn’t just benefit the individual students, it’s an investment in the entire community.

The Wheatland Board of Directors had pledged to give away thirteen thousand dollars in all, with plans to spread the wealth among the 13 high schools in Wheatland’s service territory, however one high school did not put forward applicants.  The eligible high schools are:  Argonia, Caldwell, Chaparral, Conway Springs, Deerfield, Great Bend, Greeley County, Holcomb, Norwich, Scott County, South Haven, Syracuse and Wichita County.  Wheatland said it plans to offer the scholarships again in 2017 and hopes all the eligible schools will participate.  

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