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Senate Bill 261

Dear Wheatland Electric Member,

As many of you are probably aware, the State of Kansas is facing some serious challenges in terms of balancing its budget.  At last check, officials were projecting a $600 million dollar shortfall for the 2016 budget.  Over the past few weeks a number of tax bills have been introduced that seek sources to increase revenues for the State. 

One option that is currently being considered is Senate Bill 261.  This bill would eliminate the state’s sales tax exemption on residential utility bills. Under current law, the state does not charge sales tax on natural gas or electricity for residential or agricultural use.  If this bill were to pass, the state would start charging sales tax which would effectively result in your electric bill increasing by over 6%.

Wheatland would simply become the collection point for this tax.  This 6.15% increase would not be a rate increase enacted by your Board of Trustees, nor would you receive any direct benefit in terms of increased or improved services from Wheatland. A 6.15% sales tax increase would cost the average Wheatland residential member an extra $7 per month or $85 per year.

Wheatland and your member-elected Board of Trustees understand that something needs to be done to return the state to solid financial footing.  However, we don’t believe our electric cooperative members should solely carry that burden.  We need good schools and healthy government and Wheatland is committed to continuing to be a part of the solution for a strong and healthy rural Kansas.  We kindly ask that you would consider contacting your legislators and voice your opinions on Senate Bill 261.

Below is a list of state legislators who represent Wheatland’s service territory:

Name  District Phone Email 
Sen. Abrams 32  785-296-7381
Sen. Bruce    34 785-296-2497
Sen. Holmes  33 785-296-7667  
Sen. Love 38 785-296-7359
Sen. Powell  39 785-296-7694
Sen. Ostmeyer 40   785-296-7399 

House of Representatives:
Name  District Phone Emai
Rep. Kelley 080 785-296-7122
Rep. Edmonds 112    785-296-5593
Rep. Thimesch 114  785-296-7105
Rep. Ryckman, Sr.  115 785 296-7658
Rep. Hoffman 116  785-296-7643
Rep. Hineman 118   785 296-7636
Rep. Billinger  12 785-296-7676  
Rep. Jenning 122   785 296-7196


Don’t know which representative to contact?  Click here to find out who represents you.


Bruce W. Mueller

General Manager, Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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