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Scam Alert

Recently, one of our members was contacted by someone claiming to be from Wheatland Electric.  The caller informed the member that their bill was overdue and demanded payment over the phone in the amount of $600.  The member did not provide any personal information to the caller and contacted our service office in Harper, KS to verify the validity of the call.  Wheatland Electric will never contact our members in this manner in an attempt to collect on a past due account. 

In addition, there are a number of other scams being reported by other utilities as well.  One such scam involves the caller identifying themselves as being from the local utility and requesting that the victim leave their work or home for a utility related cause.  (I.e., gas leak, power outage, etc.)  If the caller is able to convince the victim to leave their home or work the scammer could then orchestrate a burglary attempt.

Wheatland Electric encourages its members to always call their local service office directly to verify the authenticity of a caller requesting something out of the ordinary.  Never provide personal information over the phone, internet or via email to any person or company without verifying the security and authenticity of the transaction.



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