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Save Money!

 As a member-owned cooperative, Electric is a not-for-profit organization, so we love saving our members money!  When we do “make” money, we return it to you as “Capital Credits,” our version of profit-sharing.  And in 2014 we abolished the monthly fee for paying electric bills with a credit card.  Here are more ways we help you cut costs:


Co-Op Connections Card: Just show your card or the mobile app to receive hundreds of local and national discounts we’ve negotiated in partnership with Touchstone Energy.


Energy Efficiency Rebates: Receive between $200 and $500 from Wheatland when you purchase a qualifying energy-efficiency heating and cooling unit for your home.


Kill-A-Watt Meters: We’ve placed these handheld gadgets at local libraries so you can borrow them.  Just plug them in to find out which of your appliances are the biggest energy hogs that you should unplug when possible.


Bryan Conference Center: Wheatland makes its spacious conference center available to the community for free for appropriate events.  You won’t have to pay for space to hold your next community meeting, family reunion or baby shower!


Wheatland Bottled Water: We keep a stock of bottled Wheatland Water which we donate to broad-based community groups that request it for their qualifying events, saving them the cost of paying for beverages.


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