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Save Energy!


Helping members save energy is good for them —and for us.  Not only does energy efficiency save money, it saves your equipment —and ours— from being overloaded during times of peak electricity use.  Our operations team is always looking for ways to acquire and deliver electricity more effectively.  And here’s how we’re helping you to do the same:


Energy Efficiency Rebates: Receive anywhere from $200 to $500 from Wheatland when you purchase a qualifying energy-efficiency heating and cooling unit for your home.  These units help pay for themselves by reducing your energy use and your bills.


Kill-A-Watt Meters: We’ve placed these handheld gadgets at local libraries so you can borrow them.  Just plug them in to find out which of your appliances are the biggest energy hogs that you should unplug when possible.


Touchstone Tours: Our partner, Touchstone Energy, has created comprehensive residential and commercial guides to reducing energy usage.  Let them show you how through compelling videos and info-graphics.


Home Energy Audits?:  We are currently researching affordable ways to offer our members consultations with experts who will come to their homes and tell them what they need to do to lower their energy usage.  We haven’t found the ideal scenario yet, but let us know if this is something you’d be interested in.


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