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Members Once Again Targeted By Phone Scam

Wheatland Electric is again cautioning their residential and commercial members to be on lookout.  Although the approach varies from case to case, the underlying motive of the scheme remains the same.

Scammers are calling Wheatland members and claiming to be Wheatland Electric Cooperative employees.  These scams don’t seem to be going away and the most recent round of scams seems to be targeting our Spanish-speaking members.  Members reported that the caller told them their account was delinquent and they needed to pay immediately or their electricity would be turned off. 

Wheatland is issuing the following reminders to help keep its members from being a victim of a scam:

  • Wheatland never contacts a member by phone to demand immediate payment or threaten disconnection of service. In addition, Wheatland never dictates how a member’s bill is paid. Method of payment is up to the member.
  • Disconnection procedures usually take place over several weeks and after two contacts with the member. When a meter is disconnected, it is done during business hours, and Wheatland employees always identify themselves.
  • Never give your credit card number or other personal information during unsolicited phone calls or emails.
  • Those who get a suspicious email or phone call should contact their local Wheatland office at 1-800-762-0436.
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