About Us


Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc., was established in 1948 as a distribution and power cooperative, in the State of Kansas to provide a vitally needed service for the member consumers which they, as members, could not provide on an individual basis.  Today, Wheatland Electric serves more than 33,000 electric meters in 19 different counties and maintains over 4000 miles of distribution power lines across Western Kansas.  Together, with the help of our members, Wheatland Electric is committed to building a better and stronger rural America.

We work toward a bright future for southwest Kansas by:

  • Our commitment to the promotion of a better community and way of life through encouragement of farm and rural area growth and development as well as that of small business and industry.
  • Partnering with other technology companies, statewide affiliated organizations, and national organizations to accomplish the one primary goal of building a better and stronger rural America.
Together We Save